wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation

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me: *waves at a dog being walked*

dog’s owner: *waves at me*



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Anonymous: so what's the reason you don't like white girls? simply you just find them unattractive orrrrr?






I only date women of color. A white woman can’t understand a colored mans struggle in the world of corporate America or the prejudice we face.

A colored woman can Understand and EMPATHIZE with you, a white woman can sympathize but they can’t understand it.

At all. Most white women don’t even have a fucking PART of a clue what we face. They live in their own bubble of denial and pumpkin spice Starbucks most of the time.

I can’t be with a white woman because some to most of the time, they only see black men as a way to piss off their dad, or see us for our dicks, and the stereotype we talk “HOOD” and they find that sexy.

They don’t like us for us, they only like us because were black. We are fetishized by white women subconsciously, rather than cared for.

So, I’d really rather date a woman of color.


This is so dumb and sad lol

How so? Tell me how it’s dumb and sad… I’d love to hear your view on why MY OWN BELIEF

Yes. Its your own belief. Your own opinion. Youre very much entitled to it. But that doesnt mean it can’t be wrong or dumb or sad or ignorant. Which it is. You know, we hate how white people generalize us with all of these stereotypes but here you are generalizing & stereotyping all white women. Come on homie.

"they only see black men as a way to piss off their dad, or see us for our dicks, and the stereotype we talk “HOOD” and they find that sexy."

Like there aren’t black men who date white women because they’re white. Like there aren’t black men who date white women because they see them as some kind of status symbol for success & superiority. People of every race have their preferences. For whatever reasons. Whether they’re morally justified or not.

No, white people don’t go through what we do. But how can you really say that none of them can sympathize or understand? LMAO. Are you fucking serious? Why? Because they’re white? So all white people lack empathy & understanding for those who are not white? Son there are white people out in ferguson who have our backs. Marching with us & protesting. Its obviously more black than white but my nigga they’re not all bad. They may not have experienced it personally, but Im sure they see & hear whats going on & can imagine how it must feel.

Im sure if your girl truly loved & cared about you, she could sympathize & understand what you go through if you talk to her about it, you know? Im just annoyed that you generalized them all to be like that. And your reason for not being able to date them is petty & its a pathetic reason. Like fam, why are you mad at somebody for not understanding what they’ve never experienced or gone through? This post lacked logic like hell.

Just don’t generalize any race bruh. Being black you should be the last to do it knowing how it feels to be labeled a certain type of person because of your skin color.

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dark skinned boys who think they’re god’s gift to earth but think dark skinned girls are the ugliest thing to walk the planet


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why are white people so scared of saying the word black but not nigga?


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